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The Texas Comprehensive Center (TXCC) at SEDL is one of 15 regional comprehensive centers funded by the U.S. Department of Education. The centers provide training and technical assistance to state education agencies (SEAs), enabling them to assist school districts and schools in the implementation and administration of programs authorized under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) and using research-based information and strategies. TXCC works closely with the Texas Education Agency, supporting their efforts to implement, scale up, and sustain initiatives statewide as well as lead and support their school districts and schools in improving student outcomes. The TXCC partners with RMC Research.

Meet Our Experts

Photo of TXCC Expert, Eric Waters

Eric Waters
Database Development Associate

Mr. Waters develops and manages online database systems and Web applications to support work with state departments of education and other clients on projects, such as the  Early Warning Data System (EWDS), a database application that helps schools and districts identify students at risk for dropping out of high school.
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Resource Highlights

  • College and Career Readiness and Success

    Overview: State Definitions of College and Career Readiness

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  • College and Career Readiness and Success

    The District Role in Supporting College and Career Readiness for Students

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  • Innovations in Learning

    Creating a Content Strategy for Mobile Devices in the Classroom

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  • Great Teachers and Leaders

    High Fidelity: Investing in Evaluation Training

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  • Standards and Assessments Implementation

    Standards Implementation Framework

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  • Building State Capacity and Productivity

    SEA Strategic Communications

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  • Enhancing Early Learning Outcomes

    FAST FACT: Inclusion of Pre‐Kindergarten and Other Early Childhood Staff in State Teacher Evaluation Systems

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  • School Turnaround

    Supporting Sustainability Efforts in School Turnaround

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  • Supporting Sustainability Efforts in School Turnaround

    Supporting Sustainability Efforts in School Turnaround

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Project Highlight

Texas Principal Evaluation and Support System

In early 2014, the Agency asked the TXCC to convene a steering committee of principals, administrators, and higher education faculty to provide input into the creation of an evaluative rubric correlated with the principal standards and incorporating weighted components, including student learning outcomes. The committee will meet in February, March, and April and is charged with finalizing the rubric and summative guide that will be piloted in 70 districts during the 2014–2015 school year. The TXCC will support this project in collaboration with TEA's external contractor, which will develop and pilot the instruments and provide professional development to staff of participating districts and ESCs.

Project ID: 137

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